The Lifesaving Power of Resuscitation: How do You Get CPR Certified?

If you would like to learn the skills necessary to save someone’s life in an emergency situation, becoming CPR certified is one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself and those around you. Once you’ve decided that you would like to become CPR certified, though, the next step is to learn how. At EA Certs, we are proud offer numerous CPR certification classes to students throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. If you are interested in receiving your CPR certification in Los Angeles, here is what you need to know. 

What is CPR Training? 

CPR – which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation – is a medical procedure that combines chest compressions and artificial ventilation in order to continue providing the brain with oxygenated blood until further help can arrive. Chest compressions are designed to manually pump blood throughout the body while artificial ventilation, typically in the form of breathing directly into the patient’s mouth, forces air into their lungs and ensures that the brain is still receiving oxygen. While simple enough on the surface, CPR is something that requires professional training and instruction in order to learn correctly. 

Which CPR Certification is the Best?

If you decide that you would like to receive CPR training, you’ll have several options to choose from in regards to the class that you take. The two primary CPR certification courses that you will have available to choose from are the Red Cross CPR certification course and the American Heart Association CPR certification course. 

While these two courses have plenty in common – and both are great courses that will leave you plenty capable of performing CPR in a wide range of situations – there are a couple differences between these two courses that are worth noting as well. To start, the AHA course requires that you score 84% or higher on their exams to pass while the Red Cross course requires that you score 80% or higher. The second difference is that students who complete the AHA course will be certified for two years while students who complete the Red Cross course will be certified for either one or two years depending on the level of CPR certification that they earn. 

Ultimately, both of these courses are fine choices. Check with your employer to make sure that the course you are considering is approved and you are sure to be satisfied with your choice.   

How to Become CPR Certified in Los Angeles

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to become CPR certified, EA Certs is able to help. At EA Certs, we offer several CPR courses that are taught by knowledgeable, expert instructors. Whether you are required to become CPR certified by your employer, are looking for CPR recertification, or you would simply like to become CPR certified for your own reasons, be sure to contact us today to learn more about signing up for CPR training through EA Certs.