PALS Classes

PALS Classes

PALS Certification Los Angeles

Pediatric emergencies can occur anytime. It’s crucial that children get the care they need on time. It’s the job of an expert pediatric caregiver to alleviate symptoms and assist in managing the emergency. You can become a pediatric caregiver by signing up for our PALS certification Los Angeles classes at EA Certs. Our Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course is an approach to assessing pediatric health and the support they need to cope with various ailments.

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Empowering You as a Pediatric Caregiver

Our course module has been updated to match the criteria prescribed by the American Heart Association and aims to provide the necessary skills and knowledge you would require for a job as a pediatric caregiver. The training is meant for any healthcare worker who deals with health emergencies of infants and children, both in-facility and pre-hospital environments.

Our Los Angeles PALS certification classes cover the following aspects of pediatric care:

  • Identifying the health crisis and mastering necessary help and resources to manage the emergency in infants and adolescents.
  • Knowledge of different hazards that children can face in their school environment and possible injuries they may suffer.
  • Knowledge of resuscitation and recovery techniques.
  • Psychological factors affecting children’s quality of life and effective counseling therapies that can uplift it.

How Do We Offer Our Los Angeles PALS Certification Classes?

If you search for “PALS training near me” online, you are likely to find EA Certs in the search results. We provide both in-person sessions and online training, making us one of the most easily-accessible PALS certification providers.

Our classroom sessions are led by an expert instructor who leverages video tools and the latest learning materials to bestow the necessary knowledge and skills on students. Our instructors use a range of simulated emergencies that children may face and reinforce essential concepts in pediatric health assessment, including basic life support, treatment algorithms, and team dynamics.

Looking for an online PALS class? Go for our blended learning module under which you can opt for an online learning experience along with hands-on sessions for skill testing. Our e-learning module is the perfect choice for healthcare professionals who wish to acquire necessary pediatric care skills at their own pace.

After you complete our course, you will be given a two-year certification card, which will help you find employment in pediatric care clinics, hospitals, and in-facility setups. Choose us whenever you are looking for “PALS certification Los Angeles” and register yourself on our program to become a skilled pediatric caregiver.