Three Incredible Stories of CPR Saving Lives

CPR Certification Classes

All over the world, there are people alive today who wouldn’t still be here if not for the lifesaving effectiveness of CPR. Since the technique was invented in 1956, CPR has saved untold amounts of lives. As both of a celebration of CPR as well as a source of motivation for the hardworking students enrolled in our CPR certification classes, we’ll take a look at some of the more famous and incredible instances where CPR has saved a life. 

96 Minutes of CPR

After collapsing in front of store due to cardiac arrest, 54-year-old Howard Snitzer drew the attention of nearby first responders who immediately began performing CPR. For a total of 96 minutes, the first responders administered CPR, medications, and electric shocks from a defibrillator before Snitzer’s heart returned to a normal rhythm. Today, Snitzer is still alive and well and has dedicated his time to promoting the importance of CPR training

CPR Saves a Marathon Runner’s Life

Shortly after crossing the finish line of his first half-marathon, 24-year-old Kyle Woods went into full cardiac arrest. A team of six emergency personnel took turns performing CPR on Woods and administering electrical shocks from a defibrillator. After twelve minutes without a pulse. Woods’ heart began to beat again. While doctors were never able to ascertain why Woods suffered this sudden cardiac arrest, there was no doubt that the quick actions of the CPR-trained medical team working the marathon saved his life that day. 

A Young Girl Saves Her Father

On her way out the door, Aly DeMarco heard her father calling out to her in a strange, high-pitched voice. When she turned around, she noticed that her dad had collapsed to the floor. In spite of being just twelve years old, Aly had recently completed CPR certification classes due to her job as a babysitter. She began to administer chest compressions and rescue breaths for ten minutes until paramedics arrived on scene. For ten days, Aly’s father was in a coma before waking up and making a full recovery – a full recovery that doctors credited to the calm and quick response of his young daughter. 

How to Sign Up for CPR Certification Classes in Los Angeles 

According to the American Heart Association, somewhere between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths could be prevented each year if CPR was performed early enough in each case. This staggering number is a testament both to the effectiveness of CPR as well as the incredible importance of widespread CPR training. 

You simply never know when you might be placed in a situation where someone’s life depends CPR being administered. If you would like to learn the skills that will allow you to save a life in an emergency such as this, we invite you to explore the CPR certification classes that we offer at EA Certs.

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