Certification Classes

Certification Classes

CPR Certification in Los Angeles 

Whether you are looking to become CPR certified for the first time or you are looking for CPR renewal in Los Angeles, our CPR and first-aid certification classes are sure to be the perfect fit for you. Over the course of these classes, you will learn lifesaving first-aid and CPR procedures as well as receive your CPR certification.

At EA Certs, we are proud to offer a wide range of CPR certification classes taught by qualified, expert instructors, from CPR certification in Los Angeles to pediatric first-aid and more. Our full list of certification classes that we offer at EA Certs includes:

ACLS Certification Los Angeles

ACLS Certification

Advanced cardiovascular life support, or ACLS classes are advanced classes designed specifically for healthcare professionals. These classes are designed to teach more advanced life-saving techniques that will allow healthcare professionals to quickly and appropriately respond to a wide range of cardiopulmonary emergencies. 

PALS Certification Los Angeles

PALS certification

Pediatric advanced life support, or PALS classes are designed to teach pediatric healthcare professionals the skills they need to care for critically ill pediatric patients and provide life-saving treatments in response to a number of emergencies. 

Heartsaver Certification Los Angeles

Heartsaver Certification

Our Heartsaver certification class in an introductory level class that can be taken by anyone regardless of their past medical experience. This class is designed to teach basic first-aid and CPR techniques. If you are a non-medical professional looking to take a class that may enable you to save a life in an emergency situation, our Heartsaver certification class is the ideal choice for you. 

BLS Certification Los Angeles

BLS Certification in Los Angeles

Basic life support, or BLS class is a class designed for nurses, paramedics, police officers, and anyone else interested in learning less-advanced life support techniques such as two-person CPR, pulse checks, rescue breathing, and more. If you are looking for a class that is a little more advanced than our Heartsaver class but still not so advanced that it is meant specifically for healthcare professionals, taking our BLS certification class is an excellent option to consider. 

ECG Certification Los Angeles

ECG Certification in Los Angeles

Our ECG certification class is a course that is designed for healthcare professionals who are required to perform electrocardiograms (ECGs). This class will teach you how to properly use an ECG machine and enable you to receive your ECG certification.

CPR Certification in Los Angeles: Why Choose EA Certs?

At EA Certs, we are dedicated to providing the best CPR certification in Los Angeles available today taught only by the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Much more than enabling you to easily earn your certification in a number of areas all in an instructor lead environment, these classes are meant to effectively and thoroughly teach you the skills and knowledge you need to save lives.

If you are simply looking to swiftly earn your CPR certification in Los Angeles, there are many online classes to choose from. If you would like to receive hands-on directions from helpful, knowledgeable instructors in a course that is designed to teach you life-saving skills in the most effective way possible, though, EA Certs is your premier choice for online certification classes.