PALS Certification Classes in Los Angeles

PALS Certification Classes in Los Angeles

In many – if not most – cases, the life support techniques required to save the life of an infant or young child differ dramatically from the life support techniques used on adults. For this reason, our pediatric advanced life support (PALS) classes are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to learn the knowledge and skills that will allow them to respond to a number of emergency situations involving a pediatric patient. If you are looking for PALS certification classes in Los Angeles, continue reading to learn more about the industry-leading PALS certification class we offer at EA Certs.

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What You Can Expect to Learn in Our PALS Certification AHA Approved Class

At EA Certs, we offer a comprehensive PALS certification class that is approved by the American Heart Association and designed to teach healthcare providers advanced life support techniques that are geared toward pediatric patients. Upon completing this class, you can expect to learn important life-saving skills such as pediatric CPR, electrical therapy, determining heart rhythm disturbances, assessing pediatric emergencies, pediatric resuscitation, and more.

Who is Our PALS Certification Classes in Los Angeles Designed for?

Our PALS certification class is designed for healthcare professionals such as nurses, first-responders, and physicians who work with critically ill or injured pediatric patients. This is a more advanced course than entry level first aid and life-support classes such as our Heartsaver course and is designed for participants who already have medical experience and training.

PALS Recertification

A PALS certification is valid for two years, meaning that you will need to recertify every two years. For those who have already completed their PALS certification, though, we offer a PALS recertification class that is more condensed and abbreviated than our standard PALS certification course.

Why Choose EA Certs for PALS Certification Classes in Los Angeles?

At EA Certs, we are dedicated to providing the best CPR certification in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Following through on this commitment starts with choosing only the best PALS instructors to teach our PALS classes. These instructors are veterans and experts in the healthcare field who also have a passion for teaching students the skills necessary to save a child’s life.

In addition to working with only the best instructors in the healthcare industry, we at EA Certs are also dedicated to providing on-site training that incorporates realistic simulations. There’s no better way to prepare for a pediatric emergency than hands-on experience, and our PALS certification class is designed to replicate real-life emergency situations that you might encounter in the most accurate and beneficial way possible.

Lastly, we at EA Certs are proud to provide a massive library of reference materials that you can use to hone your skills both during and after the completion of our PALS course. These reference materials have been hand-selected by our team of healthcare professionals and represent one of the most comprehensive library of PALS resources in the world today.

If you would like to learn more about our PALS certification course or would like to register for our next CPR certification, we invite you to contact us today.