ACLS Certification

ACLS Certification

ACLS Certification

ACLS certification or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is a course that teaches medical professionals a set of comprehensive clinical algorithms for treating life-threatening emergency cardiovascular conditions. Originally introduced in 1974, the ACLS course has regularly been updated to ensure healthcare professionals have the critical skills and knowledge to diagnose, manage, and treat cardiovascular emergencies as per AHA (American Heart Association) standards. ACLS certificationbuilds on and advances the lifesaving skills learned in BLS training. It emphasizes the importance of high-quality, continuous CPR. 

At EA Certs, we have extensive experience spanning twelve years in the field of CPR and BLS (basic life support) training. Our primary objective is to ensure our EA Certs students receive high-quality medical training. We offer flexible timings and batches apart from blended learning modules in Los Angeles designed to strengthen the CPR and emergency cardiovascular scenario management skills of first responders, intensivists, RNs, EMTs, MDs, physicians, and other healthcare providers.

While all our classes are led by highly qualified and experienced tutors, our ACLS courses are interactive. We use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge practices to empower medical professionals on CPR, BLS, PALS, ACLS, and ECG.

Overview of the ACLS Classes that EA Certs Offers

EA Certs is the leading provider of wide-ranging CPR certification classes in Los Angeles. We offer a unique blend of online and in-person expert-delivered classes that ensure the learner

  • Is able to recognize and manage cardiac emergencies, including cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest scenarios.
  • Is capable of and successfully supports and leads a resuscitation team.
  • Has the necessary skills for airway management.
  • Successfully manages acute coronary syndromes and strokes. 
  • Gains a thorough grasp of ACLS pharmacology.

Our ACLS Skills course covers all the topics of the ACLS traditional classroom course using advanced simulation technology and scenario-based tutoring. The interactive session allows learners to manage and treat patients in a virtual healthcare setting. The ACLS Provider Course is entirely classroom-based and refines the skills learned in the ACLS Skills Only course.

With our ACLS Recertification Course, healthcare providers can ensure they are always up-to-date with their ACLS certification and CPR management.

Explore Our Comprehensive ACLS Training Courses

ACLS Skills – EA Certs offers a unique blended module of online and hands-on skills demonstration for busy healthcare providers with the ACLS Skills Only program. An ideal alternative to classroom-based, traditional ACLS training, ACLS Skills Only is recommended for all healthcare professionals who respond to cardiac emergencies. This includes professionals in intensive care units, emergency medicine, surgical areas, critical care units, as well as EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physicians, and respiratory therapists.

ACLS Skills

The first part of the ACLS Skills Only involves expert-delivered online, interactive classes where the instructor is available for answering any questions you might have. This part of the course takes seven hours to complete, after which there is a 2-hour skill-demonstration at our location. 

Once the learners complete the skills test successfully, they receive their official ACLS Certification Card. 

ACLS Provider – For healthcare providers looking to enhance their skills related to treating cardiopulmonary emergencies, we at EA Certs offer comprehensive training sessions in Los Angeles.

The ACLS Provider course provides the skills and knowledge required for healthcare professionals to evaluate, manage, and treat cardiac emergencies, including VF/VT arrest, sudden respiratory arrest, bradycardias, tachycardia, acute stroke or acute coronary syndromes as per American Heart Association guidelines. This course is conducted entirely in-person and can be completed in fifteen hours with breaks and twelve hours without breaks. Upon completion, students receive ACLS certification card and become well-versed with comprehensive clinical algorithms that were introduced in the ACLS Skills course.

ACLS Provider

ACLS recertification – The course completion card that students receive after ACLS training is valid for two years. The ACLS Recertification course is designed to enable students to ensure their certification is up-to-date after two years. The recertification course takes eight hours to complete and can be taken by those who have previously received ACLS certification.

ACLS Recertification