BLS Skills Only

BLS Skills Only

BLS Skills Only Training Course

To become a qualified healthcare provider, you need to have certain skills. At EA Certs, we enable you to develop the skills you would require to become expert healthcare professionals. Our BLS Skills Only certification classes are an excellent way to learn basic lifesaving techniques, which are highly in demand owing to rising health issues.

Here Are a Few Key Areas that Our BLS Skills Only Certification Classes Cover

  • Identification of medical emergencies.
  • Obtaining the required resources to deal with such emergencies.
  • Knowledge of providing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).
  • Knowledge of providing ventilation and artificial respiration masks.
  • Learning techniques to provide relief from choking, which happens when a foreign body obstructs the airways.
  • Knowledge of Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

How Do We Offer the Training?

To obtain our certification, you can attend our BLS Certification Los Angeles training classes. The classes are led by a BLS instructor, who teaches both individual and team rescuer BLS skills. These Basic Life Support classes will arm you with the skills to apply to in-facility and pre-hospital environments. These environments require team dynamics and high-level CPR knowledge, which our BLS Skills Only training classes intend to provide.

Our online learning platform is a part of our blended learning module, which helps you attend classes through digital media and participate in a hands-on session, all at you own pace. The e-learning module is ideally suited to meet the certification needs of busy healthcare professionals whose schedules don’t allow them to attend full-time classes.

You can schedule your classes from anywhere and at any time of the day. You get a two-year American Heart Association certification card on the day of completion of the course. Sign up for our certification program to become expert community health workers.

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