Heartsaver First Aid

Heartsaver First Aid

Heartsaver First Aid Certification

At EA Certs, we are proud to offer an all-inclusive Heartsaver First Aid classes for individuals who wish to pursue a career in this ever-growing realm. Our Heartsaver First Aid certification include an instructor-led class that focus on developing critical skills of students. Our classes seek to equip students with the knowledge of different life-saving techniques and make them capable of managing emergency health situations.

Heartsaver First Aid and CPR Course

Providing Comprehensive Training and an Enriched Learning Experience

Our Heartsaver First aid certification classes cover the first aid basics that healthcare professionals require. Here’s a glimpse of what our classes cover:

  • Knowledge of different roles and responsibilities of a first-aid rescuer.
  • Identification of medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, accidental injuries, breathing difficulty, stroke, etc., and calling for help and the necessary resources to manage such emergencies.
  • Knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in a medical or healthcare environment.
  • Knowledge of bleeding control techniques.
  • Understanding of various legal questions that entail a first aid rescuer’s job.

Who Can Go for Our Los Angeles Heartsaver First Aid Training?

Our Heartsaver first aid certification classes in Los Angeles are designed for anyone who has no or little medical expertise. You can go for our Heartsaver first aid and CPR training programs if you wish to be prepared for any emergency situation or to meet the requirements for a job position in a medical environment.

How Do We Offer Our Training?

Our Los Angeles Heartsaver first aid certification classes are available in both in-person and online formats. Our in-person classes are led by an instructor who uses video representations to demonstrate different concepts of first aid. We aim to enrich the entire learning experience with the use of advanced teaching tools and materials so that you can pave a rewarding career path in the healthcare sector.

Our blended learning module provides an e-learning opportunity to healthcare professionals who lack the time for full-day training classes. Our online classes are followed by a hands-on session, which allows you to practice and test your skills in a simulated medical setup.
At the end of the course, you get a two-year certification card which arms you with the qualification to apply for a job as first aid rescuer. Sign up for our course and acquire the skills you need for becoming an expert healthcare professional!