Heartsaver First Aid and CPR


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Designed to teach basic life-saving skills, our Heartsaver First Aid and CPR course is a video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students the critical skills necessary to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies and provide lifesaving assistance until professional medical help can arrive.

This course is meant for anyone interested in learning CPR and basic first aid and is not designed exclusively for medical professionals. Our Heartsaver First Aid and CPR course takes advantage of the American Heart Association’s research-proven practice-while-watching technique, which allows instructors to observe the students, provide feedback, and guide the students’ learning of skills.

The Heartsaver First Aid and CPR course takes approximately six hours to complete. Students who complete this course can look forward to learning skills such as first-aid basics, CPR for adults, CPR for children and infants, treating common injuries, treating common medical emergencies, treating opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies, and more.