BLS Classes

At EA Certs, our basic life support certification classes (BLS) are designed to teach healthcare providers the skills necessary to provide life-saving treatment during a medical emergency until more advanced care can be administered. If you are looking for BLS certification classes in Los Angeles, read on to learn more about what this class offers, who it is for, and why EA Certs is the go-to provider for AHA approved BLS courses.

Our BLS certification class is a comprehensive course that is meant to teach healthcare professionals the basic life support skills and techniques needed to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies. Upon completion of this American Heart Association approved class, you can expect to have learned life-saving skills such as:

Who is the BLS Certification Class Designed for?

Our BLS certification course is designed for healthcare professionals who respond to prehospital medical emergencies such as paramedics and first-responders as well as in-facility healthcare providers such as nurses and physicians. Though not as advanced as some life-support classes, this course is more advanced than entry-level first aid and life-support classes such as our Heartsaver course and is intended for those who have prior medical training and experience.

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BLS Renewal in Los Angeles

Upon completion of your BLS training, you will receive a BLS certification card that is valid for two years. After two years have passed, you will need to become re-certified by taking an abbreviated BLS renewal course. If you would like to learn more about the BLS recertification that we offer at EA Certs, feel free to contact us today.

Why Choose EA Certs for BLS Certification Classes in Los Angeles?

At EA Certs, we understand the immense importance of BLS training and strive to offer the best BLS classes in Los Angles and throughout the surrounding area. Our commitment to offering high-quality BLS training starts with employing only the best and most experienced BLS instructors in the industry. These instructors are hand-chosen for both their experience in the field as well as their experience in the classroom.

In addition to employing only the best BLS instructors, we also strive to simulate real-world medical emergencies in a classroom environment in order to provide hands-on training that is meant to replicate real medical emergencies as closely as possible.

Lastly, we at EA Certs are proud to offer a vast library of BLS resources that we make available to anyone who attends our BLS certification classes in Los Angeles. These resources enable you to further hone your knowledge and skills before, during, and after the completion of the course.

If you would like to learn more about our BLS classes or sign up for the next BLS certification class that we are conducting, be sure to contact us today.