ACLS Certification in Los Angeles

ACLS Certification in Los Angeles

Upgrade Your Professional Qualifications With Our ACLS Certification Classes!

Paramedical units and medical service providers need to be equipped with the training necessary to provide emergency cardiac treatment for patients who require assistance in the first few moments of injury. The Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support training (a.k.a. ACLS certification classes) we offer at EA Certs is designed for healthcare service providers having a rudimentary knowledge of emergency medical care.

EA Certs is a premier CPR certification classes company and we offer ACLS certification classes in Los Angeles. If you’d like to schedule an ACLS training class with our AHA-certified instructors, reach out to us today!

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Your Patient’s Cardiac Health Is in Your Hands

Lack of immediate treatment is one of the reasons why cardiac arrests and other heart-related conditions create complications for patients. As first responders, it is imperative that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide victims of illness and injury advanced cardiac support. The ACLS training we conduct at EA Certs will train you on a wide range of emergency ACLS treatments which you can use, should you need to.

Our ACLS training course has been designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. It is perfect for registered doctors & nurses, students of medicine & nursing, paramedics and other ancillary health care providers.

ACLS Certification Classes

What to Expect in Our ACLS Certification Classes?

We follow a three-step process in our ACLS training sessions. First, we work towards reviewing the theoretical content which is essential for the provision of advanced cardiovascular support. We do this by taking learners through multiple, highly-informative videos created by experienced medical professionals.

Next, we undertake one-on-one practical learning sessions, where our AHA instructors will show you how to use a variety of equipment such as the AED, bag-mask ventilators, chest compressors and the pocket-mask ventilators. Students will be made to use these equipment on life-size dummies during the practical training classes.

Finally, we will conduct a practical assessment for students and evaluate them on the medical treatment they provide during mock-emergency sessions. These mock-emergencies will replicate real-life, in-hospital and on-site emergencies that students will most likely encounter as first responders.

At EA Certs, we follow American Heart Association guidelines at every stage of the ACLS classes. Our classes are highly flexible and can be scheduled to meet your busy work programs. If you live in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us to enroll into our Los Angeles ACLS training course!