Do you provide presentations of CPR and first aid to groups? 

Yes, we do!

Do PALS and ACLS classes count toward CEUs? 

Yes, they count for 8 hours each.

Can the book be picked up ahead of time to be studied?  

Of course!

Is the entire program in the classroom or can part of it be completed online? 

You can sign up for blended learning by purchasing a Heartsaver course from AHA. After completing the class online, you will come in for the skills session. 

I am looking to get PALS and ACLS classes certified. Do you offer a combined class or a combined price? 

We do! Please give us a call for more information.

I am currently an RN. I am also required to complete a basic arrythmia course and obtain a certification. I want to confirm if your ECG class meets this requirement? 

The American Heart Association does not offer ECG anymore, therefore our ECG class is not AHA certified. With our course you will learn basic ECG and receive a completion certificate. 

I would like to reschedule my class. How can I do that? 

Best to call or email the request!

I am a Medical Assistant and need to renew my CPR certification. Would this CPR certification be valid for my job at a hospital? 

Yes, our classes are American Heart Association certified.  

Does your ACLS Provider course include ACLS manual book or would I need to prepare for the book prior to class day? 

It doesn’t. You can purchase one before or the day of from us. 

If I order Heartcode ACLS at heart.org, does your ACLS Skills Only course complete my ACLS certification? 


Scheduled for ACLS and PALS. Is it adequate to have only the ACLS book, or am I required to have both? Can you recommend me the necessary sections of the PALS so that I may print sections of the eBook? 

AHA recommends all students to have appropriate books for class. If you have the eBook, you are welcome to bring your device to class.  

My PALS certification is out of date. What course do I need for me certificate to be up to date? What book do you use? (I would like to study before attending a class). 

You will sign for PALS Provider. The book to use is still the 2015 manual.

I have taken the PALS class and now I am interested in signing up for the ACLS and ECG certifications. Is there a discount or some sort of deal for taking multiple classes?

Yes. Please call us for special prices!

How long does it take to get our certificate once we’ve taken the class? 

You will receive your certificate the same day. 

Do you offer instructor courses for BLS, ACLS, and PALS? I am an RN instructor and would like to teach my newly graduated RNs. 

We do not.

I am hoping to renew my PALS and BLS certification. Is it possible to obtain both certifications on the same day? 


Are you AHA certified?


Does your company offer bundle classes for BLS, ACLS, PALS, ECG, and NRP? 

Yes, for all except NRP.

Can ACLS & BLS both be renewed at the same time? 


Do I have to take a BLS course prior to taking the ACLS and PALS courses? 


Is BLS included in the ACLS and PALS courses? 

No, but it can be added to these classes. 

Does the class registration fee include the book or do I need to have the book prior to attending the class? 

The book is not included with the registration price. 

What is the difference between “ACLS Skills Only” versus “ACLS Provider” courses? 

ACLS Skills is for blended learning. Student completes the class online and comes in to demonstrate skills learned. ACLS Provider is an in-class full course. 

What is the difference between “BLS Skills Only” versus “BLS Provider” courses? 

BLS Skills is for blended learning. Student completes class online and comes in to demonstrate skills learned. BLS Provider is a in-class full course.

How quick is it for re-certifications and do you offer same day provider cards after passing the skills challenge and test?

Re-certifications take an average of 6 hours for ACLS and PALS and 3 hours for BLS, the certificate is sent in the same day.

Is it possible to do 3 recertifications in one day?


Do you provide parking for classes? The college makes parking tough. 

Yes, parking is on the side of or behind our building.