About Us

About Us

CPR Courses in Los Angeles by Qualified Specialists

Lack of knowledge of CPR and basic life support endangers hundreds of thousands of lives each year in the United States alone. Awareness about what to do in accident cases when you’re the first responder, can make all the difference between the victim living and dying. We specialize in providing CPR certification classes to health care providers and the general public. We conduct our CPR courses in Los Angeles, CA.

If you are a healthcare provider and you wish to learn basic life support skills, contact us to learn about our classes. We understand that as medical professionals and health care providers, you may not have a fixed schedule every day. Our classes work on very flexible schedules, and we can work around your busy day when planning your classes.

A Wide Range of CPR courses in Los Angeles

At EA Certs, we offer a wide range of BLS and CPR courses in Los Angeles area. The courses you can choose from are:

Interactive Learner-Centric Modules

One thing you’ll notice about at EA Certs is the training methodology we use. We use a very hands-on approach to learning, and we implement a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge practices to train you in our CPR certification in Los Angeles. We constantly update ourselves on the best practices and training techniques to ensure our students get a wholesome learning experience.

We recreate on-site experiences in our classes, to introduce students to the basic life support that needs to be provided by first responders. We have distinct classes for adult, pediatric and geriatric BSL, and CPR care, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of how to administer medical care.

We are a Los Angeles CPR training center who gets industry experts and veterans from the healthcare field to come in and provide training to our students. Every member on our team has been on the field and has actually implemented each and every one of the BLS & CPR techniques they train you on. This ensures you get tried and tested techniques which can help you save the life of the individual you are treating.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly-qualified and experienced trainers
  • Large library of reference material
  • Training using realistic on-site simulations
  • Focused and timely assessments
  • Opportunities for collaborative learning
  • A rich history in healthcare

Contact us for more information at (818) 220-0006!